The Gladstone Equestrian Association (the "GEA"), a not-for-profit corporation organized thirty years ago to promote equestrian clinics and competitions, is uniquely positioned to lead an equestrian renaissance in the greater Gladstone area.

The GEA expanded its equestrian promotion efforts in 2015 as a result of sentiments expressed by members of the New Jersey equestrian community and residents of the Somerset Hills area.

The GEA Board of Directors identified specific equestrian disciplines and formed the following committees for the purpose of promoting clinics, competitions and events in each discipline:

  • GEA Driving Committee
  • GEA Hunter/Jumper Committee
  • GEA Eventing Committee

The GEA Board’s initiative to increase clinics, competitions and events in the Gladstone area should lead to the creation of additional GEA Board Committees going forward.

American Horse Council Foundation study shows a $20 billion increase in the industry’s economic impact since 2005

By Nancy Jaffer
March 31, 2018

The American Horse Council Foundation’s 2017 Economic Impact Study of the U.S. Horse Industry, released today, revealed it generates approximately $122 billion in total economic impact. That is an increase from $102 billion in the 2005 Economic Impact Study.

The industry also provides a total employment impact of 1.74 million, and generates $79 billion in total salaries, wages, and benefits. There are 7.2 million horses in the U.S., with Texas, California and Florida continuing as the top three states with the highest population of horses. New Jersey ranks 39th with 59,400. Continue reading

Program in Gladstone aimed at helping dressage riders step up to the podium

The horses who were part of the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s developing dressage training  and evaluation session in Gladstone someday may be on an American team at a major championship—or they may never rise to that level.

But the help their riders got during the October sessions from U.S. Developing Dressage Coach Debbie McDonald and other key professionals was geared to giving them a leg up, not only with their current mounts, but also with the horses they may ride and train in the future. Continue reading

Stars and rising stars highlight USEF Talent Search Finals East

By Nancy Jaffer
October 8, 2017

Two of the biggest names in equitation headlined the weekend’s Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals East, with Taylor St. Jacques (a star at Devon this year) leading the standings after three phases, only to drop to second in the final rankings after 2015 ASPCA Maclay winner McKayla Langmeier showed her prowess once again. Continue reading

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