Gladstone, New Jersey – The Gladstone Equestrian Association (the “GEA”), long known for its focus on carriage driving, is studying the possibility of attracting additional equestrian clinics, competitions and events to the Gladstone, New Jersey area.

The GEA, a not-for-profit corporation organized thirty years ago to promote equestrian clinics and competitions, is responding to sentiments expressed by members of the New Jersey equestrian community and residents of the Somerset Hills area.

Jim Brady and Sandy Hance, spokespersons for the GEA, stated that “The GEA is uniquely positioned to lead this effort by including additional equestrian disciplines and promoting their equestrian clinics, competitions and events in the Gladstone area.”

According to Brady and Hance, the GEA Board of Directors has identified eight equestrian disciplines for clinics, competitions and events, and the GEA Board is considering establishing corresponding Committees of the Board to promote such clinics, competitions and events.

The GEA Board of Directors recently created a Committee for Gladstone Driving, and the Board is evaluating the creation of the following Committees of the Board:

  • Gladstone Dressage
  • Gladstone Endurance
  • Gladstone Eventing
  • Gladstone Hunter/Jumper
  • Gladstone Reining
  • Gladstone Vaulting
  • Gladstone Western Dressage

In addition, Brady and Hance stated that the GEA Board’s initiative could lead to the creation of other Board Committees as well.

For more information, contact:

Jim Brady


Sandy Hance